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Suboxone Clinic

Suboxone Clinic in Providence

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Rehab is a very important part of addiction recovery. Only at rehab can the person get complete physical and mental treatment to become addiction-free once again. But many addicts refuse to see a doctor let alone get admit to a clinic. Although, there are valid reasons behind such refusal. Those are…

  • The patient might be scared of what will people think of them. Checking in at a rehab means that you are letting pole know that you have a problem. And because our society is very judgmental of addicts, there will always be a worry of being excluded from society. If not that, then the thought of being constantly judged will be there.
  • They are worried about the withdrawal phase. Even though the doctors at the suboxone clinic in Providence will make the withdrawal phase much more tolerable, still the terrifying feeling lingers. 
  • They are living in denial. You might be dealing with a person who doesn't want to admit that they have a problem, to begin with. And this is the most problematic thinking pattern that can take their life.

Whatever their reason to deny getting treatment is, if you are a loved and close one then it is up to you to make them understand why they need to visit a clinic. And once you have made them understand that, the doctors and therapist will take the matter into their hands.

At the clinic, they will be given proper medication for the withdrawal phase, and then they will be prescribed to take therapy sessions. Such therapy sessions are important for understanding the reason behind their addiction. As without acknowledging the root of the problem, addiction cannot be treated. On the other hand, the chances of relapse after the rehabilitation will stay.

But there are good rehab and bad ones too. As many rehabs are still going with the age-old treatment procedures even though, the addiction syndrome has taken a turn for the ort. Therefore, you need to choose a rehab that has advanced treatment procedures and uses modern medical technology for the treatment.

Why do doctors prescribe Suboxone?

There will be a new publicly funded treatment to treat opiate dependents, so methadone will no longer be the only alternative for these patients.

This new drug is marketed under the name Suboxone, and it is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. This drug is really nothing new because it was already approved in 2008, but the lack of public funding made it practically inaccessible.

Among the advantages of Suboxone are its ease of taking and, above all, it does not offer overdose risks. Suboxone offers great safety for patients since it is an oral drug, which means that a higher dose does not significantly affect the patient.

This treatment also favors the social integration of people addicted to heroin. When it is dispensed in pharmacies, like medicines for other people, it allows them to have the treatment for several days instead of going daily to take your methadone dose. However, it is advisable to consult your Suboxone clinic before taking such medicines.

Does Suboxone help with pain?

Since the opioid receptor manages your pain sensations, triggering them using Suboxone can relieve pain in many patients. When you consult the Suboxone clinic, the doctor can continue the regular treatment with Suboxone and gradually initiate a dose for pain medications if needed.

What can Suboxone Clinics do?

When you search for Suboxone clinics near me and consult one of them, they will give you a comprehensive substance requirement assessment, as well as a mental status assessment and physical examination.

The advantages and disadvantages of the medication will be discussed. Treatment expectations, both the problems involved with medical maintenance and supervision and medication reduction, will be presented.

It is very necessary to be honest with your Suboxone doctor about when you took it last time? What was it? The amount you had taken? And what other medications or drugs you used. He or she will need this information to determine the exact time of the first dose.

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